Our cabin is applicable for Passenger Elevator, Panoramic Elevator, Bed Elevator and Freight Elevator as per our standard or customers' design.

The decoration of our cabin is optional, such as: painted, hairline stainless steel, mirror stainless steel, etching mirror stainless, golden titanium stainless steel.

eiling, handrail and floor can be optional.

More decoration types, please feel free to contact us.

Product Categories

Shaft Components
Cabin & CWT System


Car wall: Painted
Ceiling: Painted, fluorescent lamp Floor: Corrugate sheet
Car wall: Hairline stainless steel
Ceiling: Hairline stainless steel frame plus lamp Floor: PVC
Car wall: Etching mirror stainless steel
Ceiling: Mirror stainless steel frame, downlight, translucent platelamp Floor: PVC
Car wall: Etching mirror plus hairline S.S plate
Ceiling: Mirror stainless steel frame, stainless steel frame, translucent plate
Floor:  PVC
HandrailStainless steel double tube
Car wall: Mirror etching titanium hairline etching titanium
Ceiling: Mirror stainless steel frame, ivory transparent panel Floor: PVC
HandrailHairline S.S
Car wall: Golden titanium etching mirror stainless steel
Ceiling: Golden titanium mirror stainless steel frame,  downlight, translucent plate Floor: PVC
HandrailGolden titanium hairline S.S

Car Frame


Our car frame can be used for


Different structure: MR 1:1, MR 2:1, MRL 2:1


Different capacity: from 320kg to 2500kg


Different rail distance(DBG)


Below components are included in our car frame:

1)   Upper beam, upright, lower beam

2)   Side pulling rod

3)   Limit switch touching plate

4)   Oil can

5)   Guide shoe

6)   Safety gear

7)   Safety gear linkage

8)   Rope attachment (for 1:1)Sheave(for 2:1)

Counterweight Frame

Our counterweight frame is applicable for different structure (1:1, 2:1)

Below componentsare included in our counterweight frame:

1) CWT frame

2) Guide shoe

3) Oil can

4) Ropeattachment (for 1:1) sheave (for 2:1)

Counterweight Block

We have compoundcounterweight block, cast iron counterweight block, steel plate

counterweightblock for your choice.

What's more, wecan manufacture CWT block according to your drawings.

Guide Shoe
CodeRated speedRated capacityWidth of guide rail Remark
GS2-511.0m/s3500kg10mm, 16mm
GS2-521.75m/s2000kg10mm, 16mm


1.75m/s1250kg 10mm, 16mm
GS2-542.0m/s1250kg 10mm, 16mm
GS2-551.75m/s1350kg 9mm, 10mm, 16mm
GS2-571.75m/s/10mm, 16.4mmFor counterweightside


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