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Ace serial escalators fully apply the unique materialsand the advanced domestic and overseas technology for design and manufacture.The escalators have the consummate structure, elaborate stairway, delicatebelt, attractive outline, They are widely applicable for large passengerflow areas such as the shopping centers, supermarkets subways, airports etc. Itadds a charming mobile view for very large buildings.

It has features such as smooth running, low noise, fine durability,convenient repair, fine and exquisite structure consummate lift-way, remarkablebelt-way, attractive outline model, magnificent design style with gentle modernflavor, A safe cozy and beautiful escalator can let you enjoy the pleasant andcomfortable moment every day.

Extended life

It adopts the metal beam with light weight and high tensile strength.In this way, it ensures the integral rigidity of the products. Theautomatic lubricating system can guarantee the prompt and automatic partsfueling which extends the useful life the products.

Beautiful appearance

The super-consciousness aesthetical design, technological design whichconforms with the ergonomics principle. It keeps close to the latestglobal tide and forms

a perfect harmony with the buildings and the surroundingenvironments.

Very smooth

It adopts the advanced control system and decelerator. The superior drive chainand precise installation technology ensures that the product runs smoothly.

Very safe and reliable

It strictly executes the current European standards EN115 safety criteriafor the production and installation escalator and moving walkway etc. Ithas set all the necessary safety devices, adopted the micro-computer controltechnology, fulfilled non-contact control with safe and reliable running.

Accurate open & close control

It adopts the high tensile strength metal structure which makes it appearmore compact for the product outline dimension.

Continuous monitoring

The super CPU main board monitors the operation in real time. If anyabnormal situation occurs, it automatically brakes and records the malfunctionscode.


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