Lift Modernization

We can modernize any make or model of equipment with thevery latest in technology to provide greater reliability, comfort, efficiency,code compliance,
and safety for your elevator passengers. Through our elevator conducting
a thorough field survey. Based on the results of this survey, we will inspection services, we can carefully assess the condition of your elevator by recommend
to retain, recondition, or replace equipment as circumstances warrant.

Why Choose ACE?

To increase the safety of equipment and users,
minimizing potential risks and also adapting equipment to current standards.

Energy efficiency

To reduce power consumption
For compliance with accessibility standards, allowing the use of the equipment by all users


For improved ride quality by eliminating crashes, reducing noise and with complete leveling accuracy at stops


Aesthetics update of the cabs, enhancing the property, expanding the feeling of well-being of users, transmitting more safety and comfort


To reduce the number of breakages and stoppages by increasing the availability of your lift

1. Assessment

After we have been contacted, we will assess the situation of the elevator(s) together with the customer. At this stage, we will also take the necessary measurements.

2. Offer

After the assessment, we will make an offer that includes three (3) options for the customer to choose from. This means the customer can decide how much renovation they want. These three options will always be tailored according to our assessment of the elevator(s) in question.

3. Negotiation

Once the offer has been made, we will negotiate with the customer. We will tell you more about the renovation process and why it is a good option for you.

4. Contract

When the contract is made, we will discuss the schedule as well as all other details with the customer.

5. Production

It will take approximately 3 to 6 weeks. Before the production begins, we will notify the customer of the leading time.

6. Inspection

After the production we will inspect all components with certificated elevator inspector, our engineers will set up most of the parameters in the controlling systems. You just make auto-tuning and will be easy for debug and installation.


We offers advanced technology and companymanagement system services

to help meet your unique needs.