Light Curtain

Light Curtain

Elevator light curtain is one of the elevator safety components. It was used to ensure passenger’s safety. There are infra red sensors to detect the object in the middle of the door. If it was blocked, the door will not close to avoid the danger.

Code Number of
Infra Red Diodes
Scanning beams Highest beam Lowest beam Door open way
GS3-917A 17 94-33 ≥1800mm ≤20mm CO/SO
GS3-917B 32 154-94 ≥1800mm ≤20mm CO/SO
GS3-957A 17 94-33 ≥1800mm ≤20mm CO/SO
GS3-957B 20 94-58 ≥1600mm ≤20mm CO/SO
GS3-957C 32 154-94 ≥1800mm ≤20mm CO/SO
GS3-957D 36 174-106 ≥1600mm ≤20mm CO/SO
GS3-957E 40 194-118 ≥1800mm ≤20mm CO/SO
GS3-957F 48 234-142 ≥1900mm ≤20mm CO/SO
GS3-VS36 36 174-106 ≥1610mm ≤20mm CO
GS3-VS40 40 194-118 ≥1800mm ≤20mm CO
GS3-SS36 36 174-106 ≥1610mm ≤20mm SO
GS3-SS40 40 194-118 ≥1800mm ≤20mm SO

Note: Voltage AC220V, AC110V, DC24V is optional

Complete safety light curtain includes as below:
1. Power supply box 1PC
2. Durable flexible cable 2 PCS
3. Transmitter 1PC
4. Receiver 1PC
5. User manual 1 COPY
6. Mounting accessories 1 SET

elevator safety light curtain cable

Elevator safety light curtain cable

elevator safety light curtain power box

Elevator safety light curtain power box

elevator safety light curtain

Elevator safety light curtain

light curtain

Light curtain